Sunday, January 22, 2012

Short Video for your Bandung Tour planning

You may need to Watch this video before visit Bandung Indonesia for your Bandung trip. Contents of this video covered most visiting area by tourist and activities in Bandung Tour or travel to Bandung.

Have you seen the performance of Angklung udjo music performance in Bandung? visited Trans Studio Bandung which knowing as the most biggest theme park in the world. In the art and culture Bandung performance, you can visit Taman Budaya Bandung to show Bandung dance.

Bandung as knowing the most creative city in Asia Pasific, have several alternatives for your tour to fullfill your holiday, such as kampung gajah Bandung in near of Kampung Daun restaurant or Sapulidi Restaurant or other nice resta Bandung food like what in Indonesia said Makanan Bandung for your Bandung culinary tour like Bandrek, Wajit cililin, Jagung bakar where you can find it in Lembang, and some restaurant in Bandung with panorama view of Bandung city.

How nice Bandung in the Sunday morning, dont miss Bandung Car free day at Jalan Dago Bandung or Buah Batu (06am-10am only), or visit Gasibu Pasar Kaget where you can find many kind of Bandung uniques things with cheap price. Then outbound bandung, bandung dance, bandung city view to se view of bandung kota.

For your Jakarta Bandung tour, you can visit taman safari which located in Puncak.

Some nice interrest places in several Bandung Park, taman di Bandung. famous building in Gedung sate or Braga Bandung area.

Find Bandung tour short video in youtube, address at

This city knowing as Bandung flower city or Kota Kembang, which meaning Bandung with flower like in Cihideung lembang flower park, or meaning as Mojang Bandung, beauty girl from Bandung or gadis Bandung yang cantik dan ramah because of kebudayaan Bandung or culture of Bandung it self.

Bandung Shopping

Shopping in Bandung? hahaha... many people like to do that, shopping until you drop in factory outlets with branded label, original, and cheap. or you can do your shopping in Bandung Mall: Bandung Indah Plasa, Bandung Supermall. Bandung factory outlets like Bandung factory outlet in Dago Bandung, or bandung factory outlet riau, Rumah Mode Bandung, pasar baru bandung, Paris van java Mall of life style. cihampelas bandung knowing as jeans streen, cibaduyut bandung with leather shoes and accessories. Wisata di Bandung in Bahasa said.  Dont forget to come to Cihampelas jeans street, or Cihampelas Bandung :)

For bandung attraction like bandung volcano tour in Tangkuban Perahu Bandung or Kawah Putih, both with bandung tea plantation.

Visit the Playground of Indonesia. Enjoy this video :)


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