Friday, December 3, 2010

Bandung Shopping

Bandung Shopping or Shopping in Bandung is one of the goals for the migrants to Bandung. Bandung is a city of interest to visit, especially for shopping. Bandung given so much traction for shopping. Many of market of shopping places were placed under the theme of shopping.

Bandung Factory outlets, is a target for those who are crazy shopping. Factory Outlet Jalan Dago, Factory Outlets Jalan Riau, as well as Jalan Setiabudi are places for various factory outlets. You can find many kind of item in uptodate models in these factory outlets with lower prices.

At weekends, or holidays, shopping areas also experienced tremendous density. Many people say that shopping in Bandung was cheap, and any product models is creative.

For those who like clothing with a basis of jeans, Jalan Cihampelas is a haven for them. Lots of jeans model sold there. With a variety of forms. The price is so cheap. This place is interesting to visit, as well as the beautiful front of the shops there.

How about spending the kind of shoes and a jacket with leather? Cibaduyut Road is the place to find these objects. On the Road Cibaduyut this, you will find lots of shops that sell shoes and leather jackets.

You are interested in finding different types of Indonesian books cheaply? Palasari Market located in downtown, is the place to get thousands of collections of books in various types. This market is devoted to selling a variety of books.

Other than by region, you can also visit the various markets that sell a variety of cheap goods. New Market, as one of the favorite places to shop a lot of people here. This is the central place of wholesale clothing. In addition to new markets, you can also visit the ITC Kebon Kelapa Bandung. If you are clever negotiating prices here, cheap prices can you accomplish.

Various big malls can be found here, such as Bandung Super Mall, Paris van Java Mall, Festival City Link, Bandung Indah Plaza, Yogya Supermarket Kepatihan, Riau Junction, Cihampelas Walk, and many more.

Bandung shopping is a lot of activity conducted by visitors to this city. Shopping till drop!


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